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What to See in Izmir, Turkey – Ancient Wonders of the Ancient World

what to see in Izmir

What to see in Izmir is an area that attracts many visitors every year. It is a pleasant location that has many attractions like beaches, monuments, and gardens. This region is often considered to be one of Turkey’s most beautiful cities. This is because it has some of the best beaches in the world, as well as mountains and hills that provide some of the most splendid scenery around. Below are some of the top things to see in Izmir, Turkey.

One of the most common sights in Izmir is its coastline. Known as Smyrna by ancient times, it was first founded by the Greeks, later by the Romans, and then rebuilt by Alexander the Great in the thirteenth century. Today, its vast archaeological sites feature the remains of a Roman agora, a Roman hilltop museum, and the ruins of a church built during Byzantine times. The hilltop Kadifekale or Velvet castle, built during the Alexander period, also overlooks the city and can be seen from a nearby cliff.

The second thing to see in Izmir, Turkey is an island resort on the Bosporus. The island is called Bosporus, which is Greek for “sea bay.” This fort was used by the seventeenth century warriors as a base from which to defend against Turkish attacks on the coast of Cyprus. A visit to the fort and to the archaeological museum there will give a sense of the history and culture of this area. There is no doubt that many of the things to see in Izmir, Turkey will remind one of the crusades undertaken by Christians.

Another popular attraction in Izmir, Turkey is its old quarter or neighborhood. This part of town was once the commercial heart of the island. Today, this is one of the hottest parts of town for visitors who want to shop. Many of these antique shops line the main pedestrian streets, while other stores line the harbor and its piers. The sights here are not only interesting but they are filled with objects that have been inspired by the works of artists in ancient Turkey.

One of the most famous sights in Izmir, Turkey is the Blue Mosque, a twenty-three meter (yard) high, multi-structure edifice housing a minaret and several prayer areas. The minaret, a replica of the world-famous Alhambra in Spain, is visible from the minaret’s top, and the entire area is well-lighted with stained glass panels depicting scenes from the prophet’s time. Another stunning attraction in this part of town is the tomb of Suleyman Baba, the fifth imam of Turkey and the father of Turkish politics.

The third section of what to see in Izmir, Turkey is centered around the Turkish archaeological treasure of Kinaliada. This is the region’s major archaeological site, which dates to the second millennium B.C. It is an important site in the history of both classical Greece and Rome, and today it houses over a hundred tombs of great leaders of ancient Greek and Roman civilization. There are also numerous places of interest for tourists interested in archeology, including the Kinaliada Museum, the Hippocrates Forum, the Xyra Gorge and an archaeological park.

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