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Where to Stay in Dubai

where to stay in Dubai

Where to stay in Dubai? Top tips to get you started. Here are some of the most popular locations to find good accommodation in Dubai: Downtown Dubai – The centre of Dubai with a number of tall and prestigious buildings, including a very tall (but not too opulent) building called the Burj Al Arab

Jumeirah Beach – The best place in Jumeirah Beach for an idyllic beach holiday. It is very close to Dubai airport and is ideal for flights between the two cities. This is also where you can find many of the best hotels in Jumeirah Beach and Downtown Dubai, so if you’re looking for a place to stay in Dubai this is a great place to start. Many hotels in Jumeirah Beach offer packages that include airport transfers and shuttle services to the airport as well as breakfast in a room at one of the star hotels.

Bur Dubai – If you like a more cosmopolitan approach to holidaying then head to Bur Dubai and enjoy the blend of traditional Arabian hospitality and modern tourist resorts. It is also a great place to stay if you are looking for an idyllic beach holiday with plenty of sights to see and activities to participate in. Bur Dubai is relatively small with only around 400 hotel rooms, which makes it a great place to sample the local culture, with plenty of Western restaurants to choose from and many of the star hotels around town. If you like shopping, then head to Bur Dubai’s international marketplace, which offers a wide range of high-street shops, as well as designer boutiques and a variety of food outlets, with plenty of international food chains originating in Dubai.

Satwa Riding Area – One of the most popular areas to stay in Dubai is Satwa Riding Area. It is less popular than some of the other locations mentioned above, but there is still plenty of opportunity to enjoy Dubai’s fabulous weather and local culture in this area. It is recommended to book rooms in Satwa Riding as the rates are slightly cheaper than some of the other popular destinations in Dubai and the area is much easier to get around with the local buses and taxi services. If you don’t fancy spending much time on the tourist strip, then you won’t want to stay in Satwa, but there are plenty of luxury villas and apartments that make for a good break from the main tourist attractions in Dubai. The area is also home to some of the country’s best sports facilities and Dubai golf has won several titles, so if you don’t mind golf then this could be a great option for a weekend break.

Deira – Located on the east coast of Dubai, Deira offers an excellent array of accommodation options to suit all types of travellers. There are plenty of budget hotels to stay in, along with mid-range accommodation and luxurious guest houses. If you prefer to live closer to the action, or would like to be closer to the beaches, then a luxury villa rental in Deira is your ideal choice. Many of these villas have been specially designed to be just as comfortable and convenient as a self-catering apartment in central Dubai, so you can truly say that you have the most suitable accommodation to suit your needs. With a choice of over 60 kilometres of white sandy beaches and sparkling blue water beaches, Deira really is the perfect holiday destination for families, couples and singles alike.

Bur Dubai – Located on the south side of the emirate, Bur Dubai is a favourite among families who like to stay on the beaches and enjoy the fresh air and warm temperatures. The Bur Dubai villa rentals are known for their spacious and lavish beach houses and pools which are only found in the best resorts and hotels in the world. This is the ideal place for families who want to go swimming and enjoy the sea water and the warm sun all at the same time. There is no doubt that Bur Dubai is the most happening and the most popular beach destination in Dubai. There are some fabulous luxury villas here where you can stay comfortably with your loved ones, even when you are not there to sunbathe or swim.

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